February 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

  1. Burns Supper
    Congratulations to all those who took part in the recent Burns Supper. It was a fantastic evening with great entertainment.

  2. Staffing
    We welcome a new member of staff - Miss Douglas - Teacher of Biology.

  3. Health Fayre
    Plans are underway for our annual Health Fayre. This year the theme of our Fayre is the British Transplant Games and pupils and staff will be encouraged to participate in numerous activities and sample healthy snacks. A number of lunchtime events for staff and pupils have also been arranged throughout the week, including a Make Your Own Smoothie Competition and the Staff v Pupils Rowing Challenge. Pupils will also have the opportunity to experience a fitness day on the Friday. The Health Fayre takes place in the Assembly Hall from Monday 6 March to Friday 10 March.

  4. S2 Subject Choices
    All S2 pupils are currently involved in the Personalisation and Choice process for choosing their S3 subjects and this has been discussed with them at Assemblies.
    Throughout this process, pupils are encouraged to speak to subject teachers regarding further information on specific subjects. All Options forms should be returned to the School Office as soon as possible.

  5. S5/6 Subject Choices
    All S4 and S5 pupils, who intend to return to school in August 2017, will be issued with a Personalisation and Choice Booklet this month at Assembly. Pupils can speak to their Pupil Support Tutor or Mrs Martin for further advice and information.
    Option forms should be returned to the School Office by FRIDAY 10 MARCH 2017.

  6. Spring Concert
    The Music Department Spring Concert takes place on Tuesday 21 March in the School Assembly Hall.

  7. School Survey
    All pupils, parents and staff will be asked to complete our annual School Survey throughout the month of March. The link to the survey will be available on our school website and paper copies will be available on request.

  8. Easter Egg Show
    “Celebrate Good Times” is a brand new musical revue celebrating 70 years since the Easter Egg Club was formed in 1947 as part of the Dalziel High School Former Pupils’ Association.

    The show features a wonderful selection of music from a variety of well-known artists including The Jersey Boys, One Direction, Queen, Adele and Michael Jackson as well as songs from well known musicals such as “Mamma Mia” and “Les Miserable”. As always there will be a stunning set, fabulous costumes as well as a few laughs and a guest spot by Dalziel pupils. The show is guaranteed, as always, to be a great night out for all the family.

    Tickets are available from Motherwell Theatre as follows:
    • Ticket Prices: Tuesday £12/Concession £10/Children (U16) £6
    • Ticket Prices: Wednesday - Saturday £14/Children (U16) £7
    • Ticket Sales: 01698 322867 Ticket Website: www.ticketsource.co.uk/easteregg

  9. Information: SQA Exams 2017
    Study leave for pupils in S4, 5 and 6 will begin on Tuesday 2 May. Pupils will return to school on Friday 2 June.

    During the study leave period, study facilities will be available in school. Pupils who wish to avail themselves of these facilities should advise subject teachers in advance and report to the School Office on the day or days in question to allow appropriate arrangements to be made. Pupils who are not sitting any exams during the 2017 SQA Exam Diet should be attending school as normal.

    Pupils have been issued with their exam timetable containing details of exam dates and start and finishing times. Can you please ensure your son/daughter checks this carefully and notifies Mrs Chalmers of any concerns or questions they may have?

  10. Return to School-Friday 2 June
    S4 and S5 pupils will start their 2017/18 timetable in June. Pupils will return from study leave on Friday 2 June. S4 should arrive for an 8:55 start, S5 will return for a 9:45 start (not before this time). Both year groups should report to the Assembly Hall on arrival and will have an assembly during which they will be given details of their new timetables. Work on the new courses will begin immediately.

  11. Conduct in Examination Room
    When sitting an exam, in fairness to other pupils in the same room, pupils should remain in the exam room for the duration of the exam and will not be allowed to leave early. If a pupil has prepared properly for the examination, he/she should be able to stay for the full examination time and make use of the time given to complete the paper to the best of their ability.

  12. School Uniform
    Pupils are required to wear full school uniform when they are in school sitting exams and during any visit, however short, to the school.

  13. Illness
    Pupil illness on the day of an exam, or any change in circumstance that may affect exam performance, should be reported to Mrs Chalmers as early as possible on the day of the exam. Senior staff in the school can then make appropriate arrangements for Exceptional Circumstances Consideration.

  14. Mobile Phones
    Please note that mobile phones are not permitted in examination rooms. Any pupil found with a mobile phone in the examination room will be removed from the exam. This is in line with SQA policy and will be strictly adhered to.

  15. Exam Results
    Pupils will receive their exam results by first class mail on Tuesday 8 August.

  16. Dates For Your Diary

    • Friday 3 March - S5/6 Reports issued
    • Monday 6 March - Friday 10 March - Health Fayre
    • Tuesday 21 March - Spring Concert
    • Thursday 30 March - Church Service
    • Friday 31 March - Games Morning/School Closes
    • Tuesday 18 April - School Re-Opens

Yours faithfully