December 2015 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

  1. Christmas Dances

    Our Christmas dances take place on the following evenings:

    • S1 - Tuesday 8 December - 7.00pm - 10.00pm
    • S2 - Wednesday 9 December - 7.00pm - 10.15pm
    • S3 - Thursday 10 December - 7.00pm - 10.30pm
    • S4 - Monday 14 December - 7.00pm - 10.45pm
    • S5/6 - Tuesday 15 December - 6.00pm - 11.00pm

    All pupils have been reminded of the dress code eg no jeans, no trainers

  2. Customer Service Excellence Award
    The school was visited by an inspector for the Customer Service Excellence Award on Wednesday 2 December. Many thanks to all staff, pupils and parents who participated. The full report will be published on the School Website as soon as it is released. We hope to maintain the already high standard of award set last year.

  3. SQA Partnership Award
    In November, our school won the SQA STAR Award for Partnership in recognition of work done between our school and AMEC Foster Wheeler.

    We then went on to win the overall Award on the evening the SQA Pride o’Worth Award.

  4. Tracking & Monitoring
    All S3/S4/S5/S6 pupils are currently taking part in our Tracking and Monitoring system, aimed at supporting them in raising their attainment.

    This involves pupils engaging in discussions with each of their class teachers, jointly setting targets and discussing how to go about achieving these.

    S4 Tracking Reports will be issued to parents week beginning 17 December. This will include the current working levels of pupils and the target grades pupils should aim for. The working grades will be based on Prelim results and class/unit work. This is the second of four reports being issued in S4 (three tracking reports and one full report). This keeps parents informed of any possible change of levels within subjects. If a final change of level is suggested then a departmental consent letter will be sent home for parents to sign and return to school.

  5. Dalziel High on Twitter
    The school now has its own twitter feed. You can follow us @dalzielhigh. News about upcoming events and announcements can be found on the feed as well as sharing the successes of our young people. You can also use this to share information with the school about the achievements of your child!

  6. Office 365
    As part of the school’s roll out of GLOW all pupils will have access to download free copies of the complete Microsoft Office programs. This can be downloaded for PCs & MACs. You can even get it for iOS, Android and Microsoft smart phones. If there are any queries about this please contact Mr Monaghan.

  7. S2 Learning Morning
    S2 pupils recently took part in a year-group event on learning skills. We looked at their perception of what makes someone successful; natural ability versus hard work and perseverance. We also discussed growth and fixed mindset along with how they respond when they don’t succeed straight away. This work will be followed through in Science and Health and Wellbeing classes.

  8. Monthly Maths Competition
    Mr Agnew of the Maths Department continues to run a monthly competition, with a question posted in each Maths room. The response to this has been fantastic, with hundreds of pupils having a go at this every month. Watch out for December’s question making its way to your home.

  9. S2 Careers Convention
    Following the success of last year’s S2 Careers Convention, we are currently planning a similar event for late February. Part of the convention involves representatives from a variety of professions and industries holding short workshops for groups of pupils, where they give some insight into their job and answer any questions the pupils may have. We had a good representation from a variety of occupations last year and would be delighted to add to this. If you would be interested in leading a workshop to tell pupils about your career (what it involves, qualifications and/or training required) please contact Mrs Donna McCann at the school on 01698 274900.

  10. S1 School Trip
    This year’s S1 trip is once again heading to London. This week, pupils were given some information about the trip, which will include a theatre visit and studio tour. Demand exceeded the number of places available and names were drawn at random during an Assembly.

  11. School Uniform
    We are always happy to receive donations of blazers, ties etc that are no longer needed. Any items of uniform no longer needed can be handed in to the School Office.

  12. Christmas Service
    The Christmas Service will take place on Monday 21 December at 11.00 am in St Mary’s Church. This service is always a joyful, well-attended occasion.

  13. Christmas Jumper Day
    As you may be aware, Friday 18 December is National Christmas Jumper Day. At the request of the Pupil Council, we will permit pupils to wear Christmas Jumpers on this day, along with their school uniforms. We would like to stress that this is not compulsory, but a pupil’s own choice. We will also have a collection bucket in the Social Area at morning break to support a charity chosen by the pupils, however, once again, this is not compulsory, but a donation.

  14. PTA Christmas Raffle
    A reminder that raffle tickets should be returned by Wednesday 9 December. The draw will take place on Friday 11 December.

  15. Dates for your Diary:

    • Friday 18 December - UCAS Deadline
    • Monday 21 December - Christmas Service in St Mary’s Church - 11.00 am
    • Tuesday 22 December - School closes - 2.30 pm

    • Wednesday 6 January - School re-opens
    • Monday 25 January - Burns Supper
    • Tuesday 19 January - Mock Interviews
    • Wednesday 20 January - Mock Interviews
    • Thursday 21 January - Mock Interviews
    • Wednesday 3 February - S5/6 Prelims begin


Yours faithfully