August 2015 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Can I offer a warm welcome back to school to all our pupils and to our new S1 pupils who join us this year. We look forward to another busy and successful session for our school.

  1. SQA Examination Results
    The results achieved by our pupils last year set a new high standard for our school. The pupils performed very well with more pupils than ever passing more exams. In particular there was a big increase in the number of pupils passing Higher examinations. Well done.

  2. School Uniform
    We enjoy good support from parents in maintaining our school dress code and we are determined not to let standards slip. We will continue to insist that pupils come to school properly dressed and we ask for your continued support with this.
    As a number of parents have generously handed in blazers to the school we may be able to provide blazers in some situations.

  3. Option Choice
    Pupils should have made final decisions by now about which courses they will study. If you have any concerns or questions about the subjects and levels your son or daughter is studying, please contact the school as soon as possible as the sooner we make any changes the better.

  4. Staffing
    We have a number of new staff joining us this session:-
    • Fern Agnew - Modern Studies | Mary McCrae - Home Economics
    • Douglas Bell - Computing | Jacqueline McDade - Drama
    • Rosie Campbell - PE | Ann McDermott - Hearing Impaired
    • Sean Chan - Mathematics | Alan Moir - Biology
    • Frances Coan-Smith - Modern Languages | Maria Santamaria - Chemistry
    • David Gallacher - Geography | Jenny Sear - History
    • Katie Martin - English

  5. Parents' Association
    We have a very active Parents’ Association who meet each month and work to support the school. I would encourage parents and guardians to come along and find out more about our school.
    Monday meeting dates for this session are 14 September, 9 November, 11 January, 14 March and 9 May. More information can be found on our website

  6. Choral Shield
    Well done to the cast of the Choral Shield for fantastic performances at the end of last term. Thank you to the audience who raised over £1000 for St Andrew’s Hospice.

  7. Subscribe to Monthly Newsletter
    Please note that on our school website,, you can register to have the Rector’s Monthly Newsletter e-mailed to you.

  8. Bagpipe Lessons
    Mr Ross Cowan will be in school each Friday afternoon to offer bagpipe lessons to S1 pupils. S1 pupils who are interested should give their names to the Music department.

  9. PE Uniform
    A new PE uniform is being introduced to our new S1 intake. This will eventually be rolled out to all year groups. Full details are available from the PE Department.

  10. PE Policy
    The PE department have launched a new “All Change” Policy which will increase teaching time, pupil engagement, involvement and learning. All pupils must bring their kit and get changed. There is no requirement for a parental excuse note. Full details of the new policy are available from the PE department.

  11. Celebrating Success - Arkwright Scholarships Trust
    The Arkwright Scholarships Trust is a registered charity that administers the most prestigious scholarship scheme of its type in the UK. They identify, inspire and nurture future leaders in Engineering and Technical Design. They do this by awarding Arkwright Engineering Scholarships, through a rigorous selection process, to high calibre students in S4. These Engineering Scholarships support students through their Highers and encourage students to pursue Engineering or Technical Design at university or through a higher-level apprenticeship and to take up careers in the field.

    As a school we submitted thirteen S4 pupils through the application process to be an Arkwright Scholar and four reached the final interview stage. These pupils were Cameron Paterson, Emma Knox, Fiona Scott and Emily Wilson.

    Two pupils were successful in achieving an Arkwright Scholarship and therefore we would like to congratulate Fiona Scott and Cameron Paterson.

  12. Celebrating Success - Professor Hawking Address
    Kayleigh O’Neill, S6, was fortunate to attend a 2 day public conference in Stockholm, Sweden, on Monday 24 August. This public lecture was delivered by the renowned Professor Stephen Hawking. Kayleigh learned about the latest developments in Cosmology whilst sitting in the front row with his care team and family.
    This was a hugely inspiring experience for Kayleigh.

  13. Dates for your Diary:
    • Thursday 3 September - Parent Council Meeting – 7.00 pm
    • Monday 7 September - War Memorial Trust Meeting – 7.00 pm
    • Monday 14 September - Parents’ Association – 7.30 pm
    • Friday 25 September - Holiday
    • Monday 28 September - Holiday

Yours faithfully