April 2013 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian

Good luck to all pupils preparing for SQA examinations. All candidates should be aware of their own examination timetable, please contact Mrs Allison, DHT, if any clarification is needed.

  1. Spring Concert
    Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Spring Concert which was superb.

  2. Easter Egg
    A selection of S1 pupils will attend the evening production of Easter Egg on Thursday 18 April at 7.30 pm. This is a reward to pupils specifically nominated for high effort levels and excellent behaviour in class.

  3. Dalziel Day Out
    A reminder to all pupils in S1-S4 that full payment for the Dalziel Day Out in June is now overdue. This must be paid immediately or a place cannot be reserved.

  4. Exam Leave Dates
    Exam leave for S3 commences on Thursday 25 April. Pupils will return to normal timetable on Monday 3 June.

    Pupils in S5/S6 classes will start their home study period on Tuesday 7 May. They will return to normal timetable on Thursday 6 June.

  5. Choral Shield
    All cast members involved in the Choral Shield must pay their £5.00 fee to their respective House Captains by Friday 3 May. It is important that ALL cast members are available throughout the month of June to take part in ALL rehearsals. Any enquiries regarding the Choral Shield should be directed to Mr Fleming.

    Information about ticket sales for the performances on Tuesday 25 June and Wednesday 26 June at the Civic Centre Concert Hall (Motherwell) will follow in the next Newsletter.

  6. Science Fayre 2013 - 6/7 June
    The Dalziel High School Annual Science Fayre will take place on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 June 2013.

  7. Curriculum For Excellence
    S1 CfE Reports will be issued on 8 May, followed by the S1 Parents’ Evening on Wednesday 15 May.

  8. P7 Games Evening
    The Annual P7 Games Evening will take place on Monday 20 May from 6.30 pm - 8.45 pm

  9. S1/S2 Absence Procedures - Text Messaging
    As part of our Attendance Policy we now have a facility in school which allows us to contact you quickly and efficiently to monitor pupil absence. This system is called SEEMIS Text Messaging. SEEMIS Text Messaging gives the school the ability to send text messages to your mobile phone if your child is absent from school.

    We are now using this system for S1/S2 pupils to advise/acknowledge that your child is absent from school once registration has been completed Period 1. We will notify you of an unexpected absence by 11.00 am. Clearly the use of such a system makes it important that you let us know in advance about an anticipated absence. Doing so will minimise the inconvenience of a text message being sent out to you unnecessarily. The School Office is open from 8.45 am for calls relating to absences.

    Contact sheets were given out at assembly prior to the Easter break to S1 and S2 pupils and I would be grateful if these could be signed and returned to the School Office as soon as possible.


Yours faithfully