August 2011 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian

Can I offer a warm welcome back to school to all our pupils and in particular to our new S1 pupils who join us this year. It promises to be another busy and successful session for our school.

  1. Staffing
    We have a number of new staff joining us this session.

    • Mathematics - Alistair Bell, David Madden and Lee Fleming
    • Hearing Impaired Dept - Yvonne Murray
    • History/Mod Studies - Lindsey Stewart
    • English - Catriona Wright
    • Geography - Pamela Miller
    • Chemistry - Pamela Graham
    • Home Economics - Kay Haywood

  2. International Childrens Games
    A number of our pupils took part in the recent International Children’s Games with great success and won a collection of medals. In Judo, Michelle Boyle won a gold medal whilst Carla Jackson gained silver in the Girls’ Football. In Badminton, Sophie Morrison and Hannah Morrison won bronze in the doubles, with Sophie and Alex Dunn also winning bronze medals in the mixed doubles. Andrew Lobban also performed well in the Tennis singles and doubles. More information on this can be seen on our website at

    Congratulations to Jack McComish who won a bronze medal in the men’s 1500 Freestyle at the World Deaf Swimming Championships in Portugal.

  3. Senior Management Team
    There have been some changes to the SMT and some changes of remit.

    • Robert Birch - Rector
    • Jennifer Di Mambro - DHT S1/2
    • Jaclyn Lennon - DHT S3/4
    • Marc Fleming - DHT S5/6
    • Pauline Allison - DHT Admin
    • Ruby Davidson - DHT Support for Learning

  4. SQA Examination Results
    The last year was very successful for the school with improved examination results. The pupils performed very well and the results are even better than previous years. In particular the Early Presentation at Standard Grade in S3 and the two year Higher Still courses have shown pupils getting excellent results. .

  5. School Uniform
    We enjoy good support from parents in maintaining our school dress code. We are determined not to let standards slip and we ask for your continued support. We will continue to insist that pupils come to school properly dressed.

  6. Option Choices
    Pupils should have made final decisions by now about which courses they will study. If you have any concerns or questions about the subjects and levels your son or daughter is studying please contact the school as soon as possible as the sooner we make any changes the better.

  7. HMIe Inspection
    The school was inspected over two years ago and received a very positive report. Part of the report at that time included action points for the school to take forward. It is standard procedure for these action points to be reviewed two years later. I am happy to tell you that the follow-up report is now available and shows the good progress the school has made in these areas. The follow-up report will be available on the school website but we can issue you with a paper copy if you request one.

  8. PTA
    We have a very active PTA who meet each month and work to support the school. I would encourage people to come along and find out more about our school.

  9. Dates for Your Diary
    • Thursday 1 September - Parent Council - 7.00pm
    • Monday 5 September - War Memorial Trust - 7.00 pm
    • Monday 12 September - PTA - 7.30pm
    • Friday 23 September - Holiday
    • Monday 26 September - Holiday

  10. Cashless Canteen
    As of Monday 22 August 2011 the School Canteen will become a ‘cashless canteen’. Pupils should load money onto their Young Scot cards, using either of the Canteen’s two cash machines, before purchasing their meals.

    If any pupils have problems with their Young Scot cards they should report these to Mr A McKeown, the Home School Partnership Officer, who can be found in the Pupil Support base.

  11. Pupil Information Forms and Contracts
    Pupils were recently issued with data check forms, school contracts and blank timetables and I would appreciate the assistance of parents/guardians in ensuring that these are completed, signed and returned to the School Office as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully