November 2010 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian

As we begin to approach Christmas, the latest news/events associated with the School are as follows:-

  1. S4 Parents' Evening
    There will be an S4 Parents’ Evening on Thursday 25th November at 4.30 pm. Letters of appointment have been issued and I look forward to seeing you there.

  2. Memorial Trust Meeting
    The next meeting of the Memorial Trust will be held on Monday 29th November at 7.00 pm, in the School.

  3. Parent Council Meeting
    The next meeting of the Parent Council will be held, in the School, on Thursday 2nd December at 7.00 pm.

  4. Parents' Association Meeting
    The next meeting of the Parents’ Association will be held, in the School, on Monday 6th December at 7.30 pm and I hope that many of you will come along to this last meeting of 2010.

  5. School Website
    Our school website continues to thrive and provide much, up-to-date information on a whole variety of matters relating to the school and its activities. Indeed, we are now approaching the incredible figure of almost 300,000 ‘hits’ and we haven’t even been ‘live’ for one year yet.

    All our departments have installed a huge amount of material relating to coursework, homework, exam revision, ink exercises etc. and I would strongly encourage you to ensure that your son/daughter takes full advantage of this.

    I must congratulate the staff on the amount of work produced for the website. It’s an enormous undertaking to produce all this and I’m convinced it will prove a great boon for our pupils.

    More will be produced, and put on out website, over the coming months and you can be assured that the staff of the School will ensure that our pupils are always as well prepared as possible for any examination, absence etc.

  6. Christmas Dances
    We are now approaching the time of year when our (hugely popular) Christmas Dances are held. These will be held as follows:-
    • S1 - Wednesday 8th December from 7.00pm until 10.00pm
    • S2 - Thursday 9th December from 7.00pm until 10.15pm
    • S3 - Tuesday 14th December from 7.00pm until 10.30pm
    • S4 - Wednesday 15th December from 7.00pm until 10.45pm
    • S5/6 - Thursday 16th December from 6.00pm until 11.00pm

    Tickets are priced £3.00 from S1 to S4 Dances and £6.00 for S5/6 (meal included). Tickets will be on sale, in the School, from Monday 22nd November and I would encourage you to buy your ticket early.

    Once again we are very grateful to our sponsor.

    Mr Ian Beattie
    Belshill Metal Works
    60-82 Hamilton Road

    for his continued generous sponsorship of our Christmas Dances and his support of the School.

    I would take this opportunity to remind you that the Christmas Dances are Ceilidhs.

    They are NOT discos and pupils will be refused entry if they are deemed to be inappropriately dressed. No pupil will be admitted wearing denims, training shoes, combat trousers, T-shirts etc. This has all been explained to pupils to avoid any misunderstanding.

    I trust that you support us in this matter and I look forward to seeing your son/daughter enjoying himself/herself at what is (undoubtedly) one of the high points in the School Calendar.

Yours faithfully