August 2010 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian

Welcome back to the start of the new session and I hope that you all enjoyed a great summer break and are feeling the benefits of it.

The latest news/events associated with the School are as follows:-


As usual, we are joined by a number of new members of staff.  These are:-

Miss Polly Campbell             (Teacher of PE)
Miss Ayse Bak                    (Temporary Teacher of Drama)
Mrs Susan Payne                (Temporary Teacher of Art)
Miss Laura Wotherspoon     (Temporary Maths Teacher)
Mr Dale Scott                    (Temporary, Part-time Art Teacher)
Mrs Yvonne Hill                  (Classroom Assistant)
Mrs Irene Boyd                  (Classroom Assistant)

We were also delighted when, over the summer, a few members of our staff got married.

 Miss Gillian Reid (English) became Mrs Gillian Douglas
 Miss Louse Birnie (English) became Mrs Louise McCarron
 Miss Katie MacKenzie (Chemistry) and Mr Steven Toner (Chemistry) became Mr and Mrs Toner.

I’m sure that you join with me in congratulating them and wishing them well for their future.

We were also delighted when Mrs Alison Emery (Art) gave birth, a few weeks ago, to a baby boy - Charlie James Emery - and we also send our best wishes to them.

The start of term meetings will be held as follows:-


This will be held, in the School, on Thursday 2 September at 7.00 pm.


This will be held, in the School, on Monday 6 September, at 7.00 pm.


This will be held, in the School, on Monday 13 September at 7.30 pm.  I would extend a warm welcome to all parents - especially parents of our new pupils - to come along and join us and find out how you can help your son/daughter at school.


Once again, I would remind everyone that valuables - of any kind - should NOT be brought to school.  We are not insured for any loss and we cannot, and will not, accept any responsibility for loss.

Your son/daughter has been informed of this and I would ask for your support in ensuring that he/she does not bring valuables to School.  This includes iPods etc - and you are also asked to note that the PE department CANNOT accept any responsibility for these or any other valuables.

In addition, mobile phones are also BANNED from school.  This is not an option and you are asked to note this.  We have a public payphone, in the School, for outward calls.  In an emergency we will contact you or, likewise, you can contact us and the message will be passed on.  Pupils have been told this and I do hope that they heed this notice and avoid disappointment.


It was a real pleasure to be here on Monday morning, at the start of term, and see all our pupils so resplendent in their school uniforms.  It was a wonderful sight and well remarked upon by everyone.

I’m sure that you, also, were very proud at how smart your son/daughter looked in his/her uniform.

I would now seek your support in ensuring that school uniform is always worn.  We shall be doing our best, from this end, to also ensure that this is the case.


The School Website contains a host of information on the School and its activities.  The website address is:-

and I would advise you to click onto it and ‘sign up’ to receive my monthly newsletters for your own e-mail address - in addition to reading about the School.

This way, you can receive the latest news - even when your son/daughter ‘forgets’ to give you my newsletter from his/her schoolbag.

Yours faithfully



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