June 2010 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian

As we enter the last few weeks of the session, the latest news/events associated with the School are as follows:-

  1. Staffing
    The work on the new Fitness Suite is now well underway. As a result of this facility and the increase in demand for PE from pupils, we will be appointing another teacher of PE, within the next few weeks, for next session.

    • War Memorial Trust
      The Next Meeting of the War Memorial Trust will be held, in the school, on Monday 7 June at 7.00 pm.

    • The Dalzielian
      This Years Dalzielian yearbook has arrived in school. This is, simply, the best year book in Scotland and is over 200 pages long, full colour and hard-backed. It contains a photograph of every pupil in the school and is full of pictures, stories and memories of events throughout this last session. We strongly encourage every pupil to buy a copy and, when they leave School, to have their full set. They will be amazed how often they look back to find friends, rekindle memories etc. At £10 per copy, it is heavily subsidised by the School and we fully expect them to be sold out quickly. I would ask that you get your copy early to avoid disappointment.

    • Parent Council
      The next meeting of the Parent Council will be held, in the school, on Thursday 3 June at 7.00 pm.

    • S1 Intake
      The S1 Intake, for next session, will be with us for 2 days - on Tuesday 8 June and Wednesday 9 June - and we hope that they enjoy their time with us and that they are all looking forward to joining us (permanently) in August.

    • Summer Fayre
      Our Summer Fayre will be held, in the School, on Thursday 3 June from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm. Staff and pupils having been working hard over the last weeks/months to ensure the success of the Fayre and there is (literally) something for everyone. Every pupil in the School will get the chance to visit the Fayre and I would extend an invitation to all of you to come along also and join the fun. All monies raised go towards Christmas activities in the community - including a Christmas Party for staff and pupils from Fir Park School. I hope that many of you will make the effort to join us from 3.00 pm on Wednesday and I look forward to seeing you there.

    • Parents Association Quiz and Wine Evening
      The Annual Quiz and Wine Evening, run by the Parents Association, will take place in the School on Monday 14 June at 7.30 pm. This is always a very popular and fun evening where the questions are all Trivial Pursuit style and are all team answers. I would ask that you seriously consider coming along with any friends/relatives and support the work of the Parents Association whilst enjoying the event itself.

    • School Sports
      The School Sports will be held at Dalziel Park Sports fields on the afternoon of Friday 11 June and I would extend an invitation to all to come along and watch the Sports on that day.

    • School Trip Day
      The School Trip Day will be on Friday 18 June and a variety of trips and excursions have been booked for our pupils to enjoy.

    • Choral Shield
      The Choral Shield will be held in the Clyde Auditorium (commonly known as the Armadillo) on Tuesday 22 June and Wednesday 23 June, starting at 7.30 pm. Ticket order forms will be issued to pupils next week. A transport information letter will also be issued at this time. Buses will run from the School to the SECC, costing £4.00 per return ticket, and an order form for these tickets is included with the transport information letter.

    • Prizegiving
      Our Annual Prizegiving will be held, in St Mary’s Church, on Thursday 24 June beginning at 7.00 pm prompt. All prizewinners will be notified over the next few days and I hope that all parents/friends/relatives of the prizewinners will come along and feel proud of the achievements of their son/daughter.

    • Enterprise Newsletter
      The next Newsletter will be available, within the next two weeks, electronically on the School website. It will contain lots of information on the recent Enterprise activities in the School and is well worth having a look at. The School website itself is currently being updated by departments, so please log on and see the new departmental information pages as they develop.

    • Summer Break
      School will close for the summer at 1.00 pm on Friday 25 June and open, at the start of the new session, on Monday 16 August. On behalf of everyone associated with Dalziel, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and encouragement throughout this past year. We have had a highly successful, memorable year and further underlined our mark in delivering all that is good in education - and at the highest level, to the benefit of every child. I hope that you all enjoy a great summer holiday, have wonderful weather and we all return - in August - feeling refreshed and enthused to do it all again.

    Yours faithfully