November 2009 Newsletter

Dear Parent/Guardian

The latest news and events associated with the School are as follows:-

  1. School Website
    I am delighted to inform you that our new, re-vamped School website is now ‘live’. The address is identical to that before - - and I’m sure that you will find it very informative and of great interest. In addition to all the usual contents, every department has now included details of course timelines, course contents etc and some departments have also included homework notes etc.
    I would strongly urge you to view the site and I would be grateful to hear your comments on it.
    I would also like to publicly acknowledge our debt of gratitude to a sixth year pupil - Colin Barr - who devised the site and who has been totally responsible for the complete compilation of it. His IT talents are incredible and are very obvious to see.
    I hope you will ‘click on’ often and keep abreast of all the happenings at the School.
  2. Christmas Arrangements
    We are now in the run-up to Christmas and the arrangements are as follows:-
    1. Christmas Dances
      These will be held as follows:-
      • S1 - Tuesday 8 December from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm
      • S2 - Wednesday 9 December from 7.00 pm to 10.15 pm
      • S3 - Thursday 10 December from 7.00 pm to 10.30 pm
      • S4 - Tuesday 15 December from 7.00 pm to 10.45 pm
      • S5/6 - Wednesday 16 December from 6.00 pm to 11.00 pm
      Tickets will be on sale from Monday 23 November. These are priced £3.00 each (S1 to S4) and £6.00 (S5/6 - meal included).
      These dances are always hugely popular and, once again, I would remind you regarding dress on these occasions. These Christmas Dances are ceilidhs. They are not discos and pupils will be refused entry if they are not appropriately dressed. No pupil will be admitted wearing denims, training shoes, combat trousers, t-shirts etc.
      I trust that you support us in this matter and I look forward to your son/daughter thoroughly enjoying himself/herself at what is (undoubtedly) one of the high points in the School Calendar.
      Once again, our grateful thanks go to our sponsor.

      Mr Ian Beattie
      Bellshill Metal Works
      60-82 Hamilton Road
      ML4 1AG

      for his terrific help in ensuring the success of our Dances.

    2. Christmas Service
      The Christmas Service will be held, in St Mary’s Church, on Friday 18 December at 10.45 am. I would extend a warm invitation to you all to come along and join us in this event.
      After the Service, the School will be dismissed for an extended lunch until 1.45 pm whilst staff enjoy their Christmas lunch - and we will have no afternoon interval in that day and close at 3.30 pm. Accordingly, you should expect your son/daughter home a little earlier than usual.
    3. Christmas Break
      School will close for the Christmas break at 2.30 pm on Tuesday 22 December.
      We will re-open, in the New Year, at 8.55 am on Tuesday 5 January.
  3. Memorial Trust Meeting
    The next meeting of the War Memorial Trust will be held, in the Moorings Hotel, on Monday 30 November at 6.00 pm.
    After this meeting, there will be a Dinner in honour of the years of service given by Mr Ian Watson as Treasurer of the Memorial Trust. Ian has been Treasurer for over 25 years and has done a quite outstanding job and has been central in the development of the old Cleland Estate into Dalziel Park Sportsfields. This has all been done on a voluntary basis and now Ian is ‘stepping down’. I’m sure you all join with me in thanking him for his very many years of quite outstanding service and wish him every good wish in his ‘retirement’.
    I’m also delighted to announce that one of our former Chairmen of the Parents’ Association - Mr Bill McCallum - has accepted the position of Treasurer of the Memorial Trust and will take up the post at the beginning of the New Year. I’m sure that you also join with me in wishing him every success in his new role and we look forward to Bill continuing the exemplary work of his predecessor.
  4. Parent Council Meeting
    The next meeting of the Parent Council will be held, in the School, on Thursday 3 December at 7.00 pm.
  5. Parents’ Association
    The next meeting of the Parents’ Association will be held, in the School, on Monday 7 December at 7.30 pm. At this meeting, it is hoped that the School’s new Careers Officer - Shona Burnside - will be in attendance to talk about her role and answer any questions.
    I hope that many of you will come along and hear what Shona has to say and I look forward to seeing you there.
  6. Valuables
    I would take this opportunity to remind you that valuables (of any kind) should NOT be brought to School. We cannot do anything if valuables are lost, stolen etc and we are not insured for any loss. I would ask that you understand this and help ensure your son/daughter does not bring valuables to School and, thus, avoid any difficulties.
    In addition, I would also remind you that mobile phones are banned from School. You can telephone the School, in any emergency, for a message to be passed to your son/daughter and vice-versa. There is absolutely no need for mobile phones to be brought to School and I trust that you support us in this.

Yours sincerely