Latest Information - Thursday 11 June 2020

Dear parents/carers,
I hope all our pupils, parents and families are well. I have some updated information to share with you.

  • School reopening

Schools are scheduled to reopen on 11th August. All our classrooms have been reconfigured to ensure that seats are two metres apart. This of course reduces the capacity of each room and the overall capacity of the school. While this could be subject to change by August we are planning ahead on this basis. It is likely that there will be a standard North Lanarkshire model. At the moment the reduced capacity would allow two year groups to be in school on any given day and pupils would be in schools two days per week. This would result in pupils doing part of their learning in school and part of their learning at home. I must stress that this is not yet certain and could be changed between now and August. We will of course provide further updates in much more detail of the arrangements for pupils to return to school.

  • SQA Examination

The teacher estimates for all SQA examinations were submitted in May. The results will be released by the SQA at the usual time and in the usual ways. There has been speculation about potential changes to SQA examinations next year but there is no certain information that I can pass on at this point.

  • Motherwell Hub

The Motherwell hub continues to operate for key worker’s children and a number of Dalziel staff continue to support this. We can provide further information to any parent.

  • On-Line Learning

We continue to supply online work for pupils at all year stages. Please contact us if your child is having any difficulty in accessing any materials. We can be contacted by email on The school office is open again and we can be contacted by telephone on 01698274900.

  • School Uniform

You will appreciate that this is a changing situation and it is unclear what things will be like in August but we may have to take a more flexible approach to uniform for a period of time in August. Again this is something that we will update you on.

  • P7 Transition

Mrs DiMambro has organised an ongoing programme of online materials to support transition. She will be making contact with P7 pupils by letter next week to provide further information.

  • School Trip Refunds

As yet we do not have the refunds from Travel companies, insurance companies or North Lanarkshire Council. We will be in contact with families to make refunds as soon as we can.

  • Pupils Leaving Dalziel

It has been hugely disappointing that our usual end of term has been so disrupted. The S6 pupils leaving our school have been an outstanding year group and it is so sad that we have not yet celebrated their time at Dalziel. We have spoken with School Captains and House Captains about rescheduling the Prom and we will be aiming to hold our prizegiving event as soon as we can.

I will be providing further updates before the end of term.

Robert Birch