Latest Information - Thursday 21 May 2020

Dear parents/carers,
I hope all our pupils, parents and families are well. We aim to keep everyone informed about the ongoing work of our school.

  • School reopening

School will reopen to pupils in August. It is possible that for a time this may be in the form of a phased return with only some year groups attending on any given day. We are now planning for this possibility and we will provide further details when we can. In the meantime we will continue providing on-line learning materials for all year groups. Please contact us at if you are having any difficulties in accessing materials.

  • S4,5,6 SQA Estimates

All estimates will be submitted to SQA by 29th May. Teachers have put a lot of time and attention into ensuring that our pupils are given a fair award estimate. We have also put a number of Quality Assurance checks in place to ensure that all pupil performances have been judged with integrity and honesty. Pupils will receive their results from the SQA in the usual way on Tuesday 4th August. If your son or daughter has not already signed up to mysqa please encourage them to do so. They will receive their results electronically on the morning of August 4th (in many case before the certificate has arrived in the post). They will also be able to view their details on mysqa. Any mis-spelt names or incorrect addresses can then be reported to the school office and updated.

  • School Trip refunds

The trip leaders of the trips to Spain, Italy and London are continuing to try to secure refunds for parents. We are in contact with Travel Companies, Insurers and North Lanarkshire Council. Trip leaders will be providing updates when they can.

  • Contacting Pupils

We have tried to contact pupils in S3-6 over the last two weeks and we will now be aiming to contact all pupils in S1 and S2. A member of staff will contact your son / daughter to discuss how they are getting on and if they have experienced any barriers to engaging in on-line learning. Please note that Teachers will start by trying to call the contact phone number that we have listed for parent/carer The teachers may block their own number so it may appear as ‘caller unknown’

  • Primary / Secondary Transition

As you may know, this year we are having a Virtual Transition for P7 pupils coming to Dalziel High School.

This will take place using:

  • Dalziel High School Twitter page
  • Dalziel High School Website
  • Dalziel High School App

If you check in regularly with one or all of the above you will receive regular information to help you with the transition from Primary to Dalziel High School.

Over the months of May and June we will share information on different aspects of the school such as:

  • Our Senior Management Team
  • Individual Departments/Subjects and what you might expect to learn in these subjects
  • Explanations on parts of the school that might be new to you such as Pupil Support
  • Information on our House Systems and Extra Curricular Activities
  • Pupils Leaving Dalziel

Again can I say to those pupils leaving Dalziel that I understand how disappointing it is that we have not been able to end the term the way that we expected. It is such a shame that events such as the Prom and the Choral Shield have not gone ahead. We aim to organise something for you to mark your years at Dalziel when it is safe to do so.