Parent / Carer Information for S3-S5 Pupils

Dear Parent/Carer, I hope all our pupils and families are well, staying safe and coping well with the lockdown situation.

We are aiming to make contact with all of our S3-S5 pupils over the coming weeks. A member of our teaching staff will contact your son / daughter to discuss how they are getting on and if they have experienced any barriers to engaging with on-line learning.

Please note that:

  • Teachers will start by trying to call the contact phone that we have listed for parent/ carer.
  • The teachers may block their own phone numbers so it may appear as 'unknown caller'.
  • The teachers will be calling to offer support and encouragement to pupils but we will not be in a position to discuss a pupils SQA estimates.
  • I hope that this helps to improve communications and gives our pupils some encouragement through direct contact with our staff.