Latest Information - Monday 20 April 2020

Update from Head Teacher - We aim to keep everyone informed about the ongoing work of our school.

Dear Parents / Carers,
I hope all our pupils, parents and families are well and are coping with the very difficult circumstances we find ourselves in. .

    1. SQA Estimates
      Teachers have been asked to estimate a grade for each pupil at Advanced Higher, Higher and National 5 level. We have also been asked to rank each pupil in order within each grade. We are now awaiting further guidance from SQA. Teachers cannot enter into discussions with parents about individual pupils estimates.

    2. On-Line Learning
      We are trying to maintain learning through on-line materials. Teachers are working hard to develop this and to respond to pupils needs. We thank parents for your continued support with this.

    3. Motherwell Hub
      The hub for children of key workers is based at Cathedral Primary. A number of Dalziel staff are part of the volunteer staffing rota.

    4. Pupil Welfare
      The Pupil Support team continue to be in contact with vulnerable pupils and are coordinating support where required.

    5. Communication
      We will continue to use twitter, the school app and our school website to provide updates.

    6. School Trips
      All school trips for this term have been cancelled and we continue to seek refunds from travel agents and insurers. Payments made for the Dalziel Day Out are safe in the school account and will be refunded to parents when school is re-opened.

    7. Planning Ahead
      Obviously we don’t know when we will return to school or how any return may be organised. We will of course keep parents informed of this. In the meantime we continue to plan ahead for next session.

    8. Pupils Leaving School
      We are very aware that pupils leaving school this term have missed out on a number of events and we will look at some way of celebrating their school years at Dalziel. When it is possible to do so we will meet to discuss this.

Can I thank staff for the work they are doing to support pupils and can I thank parents for your continued support in these difficult times.

Robert Birch
Head Teacher