Latest School Update from NLC for Monday 10th January 2022

Please read the updated NLC guidance for pupils returning to school on Monday 10th January 2022.

Secondary pupils are being advised to take at-home COVID-19 tests before they return to school to limit the spread of Omicron.


We can’t wait to see children and young people back in schools and early learning establishments, ready for a new year of learning.

However, you will be aware that Covid-19 is still very much with us and we are following government guidance to reduce the risk of transmission in our schools and early learning facilities.

So, there’s a few new guidelines that should be followed, to help keep us all as safe as possible.


All secondary school pupils and staff at schools and early learning establishments are strongly advised to regularly take lateral flow tests prior to schools returning on Monday.

This will include taking one this week and another on either Sunday evening or first thing on Monday morning and thereafter, twice a week.

Pupils and staff are advised to upload their test results to the online portal, regardless if the result is positive or negative.

Testing regularly helps to reduce the chance of both pupils and staff having to self-isolate and lateral flow device testing kits can be picked up from schools, the asymptomatic testing centre at Airdrie Leisure Centre or from local pharmacies. Please click here to find out where you can pick up lateral flow test kits.

  • If a pupil tests positive, they must isolate immediately for 10 days. However, if they have no symptoms of Covid-19, they do not need to get a PCR test – the positive lateral flow test confirms that they are positive.
  • From Thursday 6 January , if the pupil who is positive has no fever and records two consecutive negative lateral flow tests, one on day six of isolation and another 24 hours later, then they can exit isolation after seven days.
  • If a positive pupil has symptoms (a fever, new continuous cough, or loss of sense of taste or smell), the advice has not changed – isolate for 10 days and book a PCR test. Please inform the school if your child has a positive test for Covid-19.
  • If your child is identified as a close contact of a positive case (aged under 18 and 4 months or fully vaccinated including booster), they do not need to isolate as long as they are not showing symptoms (no fever) and return a negative daily lateral flow test result for seven days (only self-isolate if the LFD test returns positive).

Please note the new guidance regarding isolation and testing do not apply retrospectively.

This means that all Covid-19 guidance that was in place prior to Thursday 6 January should still be followed including self-isolating for the full 10 days.

The new guidance is only for anyone testing positive or identified as a close contact FROM Thursday 6 January.


Pupils and teachers in secondary schools must continue to wear face coverings (although some are exempt) and practise social distancing in classrooms and in and around buildings.

Everyone is encouraged to continue to use good hand hygiene techniques including regular hand-washing and using sanitiser, particularly when entering/leaving and before/after eating and using the bathroom, avoid touching faces and using a tissue or elbow when coughing or sneezing.

Face coverings should be worn by pupils aged 12 or over on school transport.

Bubbles and groupings may be introduced in some schools and early learning establishments where practicable to minimise contact.

All our schools and early learning establishments will continue to implement the recommended health and safety measures with movement around buildings minimised as much as possible with increased natural ventilation in classrooms and buildings.

Enhanced cleaning routines will continue with additional day cleans with a focus on touch points such as handles, light switches etc.

Some schools may incorporate staggered lunch and drop off and pick-up times and your school will be in touch with you directly.

Parents and carers are asked to wear a face covering when dropping off and picking up children and to not gather at the school gates in large numbers.

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