Public Speaking - 2021

Public Speaking at Dalziel is always an event which is taken very seriously. The competitiveness this year between the 3 houses Barclay, Colville and Greig was higher than ever.

Each house worked tirelessly in the weeks prior to the event in order to create the best team possible, and let me tell you they did just that.

Colville were first up and wasted no time at all in capturing the audience's attention. With a wide range of topics from childhood memories, people's frustrating habits and all things Christmas. Colville opened with a bang.

It was Greig who had to follow and were definitely not letting Colville's fab performance throw them off one little bit. The speeches from Greig included topics on crazy driving, personal dental demons, and for all the coffee lovers out there we listened to S3 Laura Watson on all about how she’s Livin’ la Vida Mocha.

This year's individual speaker award went to a member of the Greig team. S5 Jaiden Thomson dazzled us all with his relevant topic of climate change. Jaiden's speech truly did have it all, props, humor, a confident delivery and of course bundles of charm. Nice one Jaiden!

After waiting patiently, it was Barclay’s turn to take the stage. On this occasion our judge decided it was definitely a case of keeping the best till last. Barclay’s subject matter ranged from mature topics such as cat calling to lighthearted talks on the influences of music. The mix of creative topics along with a smooth delivery was enough to secure Barclay house the title of public speaking champions 2021/22.

An event which was packed full of talent, filled with confident mature pupils and delivered with intellect and humor helped make the event a great success and ensured everyone was left thoroughly entertained.

Well done everyone, you smashed it!
School Captain
Lauren Hetherton