Dalziel Celebrates Languages

During the week of the 20th of September, the new Languages Committee enabled Dalzelians to discover and learn about European Languages through a series of activities.

Our ambassadors introduced competitions and quizzes through videos that they directed themselves. Combined with their organisational and creativity skills, it was the teamwork of this club that made this event a success.

The ambassadors helped organise poster competitions about the importance of languages, which took place in the Modern Languages department. Senior pupils had the opportunity to learn, discuss, compare and illustrate foreign idioms. S2 pupils’ general knowledge was also tested when they were asked to identify the languages spoken by the ambassadors. All pupils were also invited by the Committee to learn about Japanese culture by watching a popular anime during their lunches.

The best designed and most informative posters were chosen by the ambassadors and the amazing work produced by our Dalzelians was rewarded with a goodie bag and certificate, presented to them during a mini award ceremony which took place during the Languages Committee meeting.

Following the success of the event, the Languages Committee club is now considering their next project to remind Dalzelians about the importance of learning a language.