S3 Charity Fundraiser

The S3 Charity Fundraising has been a great success.

Whilst it is “the most wonderful time of the year” for some at Christmas, many, many people in our community and our country will be facing difficulties most of us cannot begin to imagine.

After studying “Stone Cold”, a novel by Robert Swindells which follows the plight of a young teenager who lives on the streets, the pupils of Mr Purvis’ S3 class decided to collect money for homeless people.

Thanks to the kindness of our pupils, their friends and their families, just one class raised £320. Inspired by the class’ kindness, online donations from teachers and friends have taken the total to nearly £1600, and the figure continues to rise.

The generous donations will be shared between several incredible causes. £564 was raised for Shelter, a homelessness charity which helps people find safety and security, and over £400 was sent to Social Bite. This money will be used to buy Christmas dinners and essential winter supplies for homeless people.

£300 of toys were donated to Spirit Aid, a local charity which distributes Christmas morning toys in the local community. The remaining cash collected will be donated to a local food bank.

Impressed by the collection, Shelter contacted the school to thank us for our contribution and to offer a Q&A for third year pupils about their life-changing work.

We are incredibly proud of the kindness, empathy and community spirit which our young people have shown, and would like to publicly thank them for their kindness.

If you would like to contribute to the collection, you can visit the JustGiving page below: