Higher/Adv Higher Exam Cancellation

The Deputy First Minister has announced that the 2021 exam diet for Higher and Advanced Highers have been cancelled.

Pupils will now receive grades based on teacher assessment of pupils’ attainment. As a result, we have had to make some adjustments to the in school assessments for Higher and Advanced Higher candidates this year.

Pupils in S5/6 have recently been issued with a Prelim Exam timetable which runs from Monday11 January to Friday 22 January. These exams will go ahead as planned and all pupils in S5/6 should continue to follow their study plans. The evidence generated by these exams will be a progress assessment check and will give teachers an accurate picture of the knowledge and understanding the pupils have achieved and will be used to help to inform the pupils Higher and Advanced Higher results. However there will be another progress assessment check diet of exams and pupils will also be generating work in classes that will be taken into account when teachers are making their final assessment decisions. There is no study leave for the January 2021 exams they will take place in normal class time.

Senior Managers and Principal Teachers will be working together to develop appropriate assessment opportunities for our pupils to ensure they are given the best possible support and every opportunity to succeed. We will keep you and the pupils informed of all decisions taken regarding assessment.

Please encourage your child to attend school regularly, study at home and complete homework tasks in a timely fashion. All of these will support their learning.

These are unusual times but I am sure working together we can support your child to achieve their potential. I hope you and your family have a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas.