Music Department Update - 12.08.20

There will be some temporary changes in the way that we operate within the Music Department, particularly with regard to Instrumental Lessons, Extra Curricular Activities and Practical Activities.

  • Currently, there will be no Instrumental Lessons taking place in NLC on a one to one or group basis. I will update pupils and parents/carers with any further information I receive, or changes that take place. In the meantime, I would encourage pupils to continue to practice at home and also to make sure that they continue to engage with their music tutors via their groups on teams for access to any materials/sheet music.
  • All new S1 pupils should let myself or a member of the music department know if they were receiving lessons at Primary School (or if they would be interested in this in the future), so that we are aware of this for any future changes to the current situation.
  • All Extra Curricular Activities are cancelled until further notice, which unfortunately means that our bands and choirs will not be able to begin rehearsing at the moment.
  • As playing a wind instrument or singing is not permitted at the moment, due to the latest government guidance, these activities will not take place within a class setting and therefore we encourage practice of this in the meantime to take place at home.
  • We will be taking a slow and gradual approach towards all practical activities within the classroom setting over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your consideration and patience during this time. I would hope that, when the appropriate time comes, pupils will once again take up the many musical opportunities on offer here at Dalziel.

Kind Regards,
Mr Bensalem
Principal Teacher of Music