Return to School - Update for Parents from Head Teacher

I hope all our pupils and their families have had a good summer. We are looking forward to welcoming pupils back to school next week.

Clearly there will be a number of changes to our school in response to the current situation, we will aim to keep parents informed via our school website, school app and twitter.

Phased Return to School
All NLC schools will be having phased returns to school for different year groups to give us the chance to bring pupils into school in an organised way.

  • Wednesday 12th S1 , S2 and S3
  • Thursday 13th S1 , S4 and S5/6
  • Friday 14th All pupils

We have been provided with a number of hand sanitizers and we will be encouraging pupils to use them each time they enter the school building.

The school will be cleaned each day as usual with additional cleaning being done throughout the school day.

Movement around the school
North Lanarkshire Council have provided signage that reminds pupils to keep to the left and to try to maintain some distance when moving around the school.

Drop off and pick up
We would ask parents to try to maintain social distancing when waiting outside school for pupils. Parents should not enter the school building without telephoning first to make an appointment.

Pupils who are unwell
You will understand the crucial importance of not sending pupils in to school if they show any symptoms of illness. This will be essential for the safety of everyone. It is also important that we are able to contact parents if pupils show signs of illness while they are in school. Please let us know if your contact details have changed so that we are able to contact you.

School Calendar
The school calendar giving dates of all school events will be redone and an updated version will be issued as soon as it is available.

Breaks and lunchtimes
If the weather is suitable pupils will be spending breaks in the playground as opposed to the school corridors. This will be to reduce the danger of potentially spreading the virus.

There will be a number of further changes as our school reopens, we will try to keep parents informed as more information and guidance becomes available.

Yours Sincerely
Robert Birch