Junior Quiz Winners 2018

The Junior Quiz 2018, held on Monday afternoon, was one of the last events of the Interhouse Shield Competition.

The reigning champions from 2017 were Greig House, so the other two houses had something to prove.

Three members from each house competed against one and other over a series of rounds. The competitors for each of the houses are shown below:

  • Barclay House – Cameron Gunn (S3), Gemma Carson (S2) and Harriet Blackley (S1)
  • Colville House – Jamie Lawson (S3), Sarah McDermott (S2) and Brooke Kerr (S1)
  • Greig House – Louise Rankin (S3), Mia Richards (S2) and Alex Nicola (S1)

The quiz challenged pupils’ general knowledge, spelling, mental maths and problem solving skills. After a hard fought 10 rounds the winning team was Greig House with an impressive 106 points. Barclay House came second, followed by Colville in third.

Could this impact the final standings in the Interhouse Shield Competition?

Well done to all those involved!