Dragons Lair Winners 2017

Three boys, Callum Sergeant, Colin Gass, and Cameron Gunn, entered a competition called Dragons Lair, hosted by North Lanarkshire Council and Business Gateway Coatbridge. The boys ended up winning 1st Place - £500 and Tablets for themselves.

Head Teacher, Robert Birch says, “We are very proud of these boys, they are exceptional and have a positive future ahead of them”.

But what is their Product? Whilst swipe cards are sometimes forgotten, we never leave home without mobile phones. With this in mind, C Cubed has designed a magnetic door lock that will be opened using a mobile phone, with in built security in the form of fingerprint and facial recognition. The magnetic door will increase security holding 275Kg.

Working in partnership with RS Components to source materials, the business has developed a working prototype and plan to work with AMEC Foster Wheeler to build a finished design. Typical customers will be businesses, schools, airports and train stations.

The young entrepreneurs and inventors of the future believe that they have potential to become a business making a profit.

What do these boys have to say for themselves?
Callum Sergeant – It has been a great experience, being involved in the 2017 Dragon’s Lair competition, and I have enjoyed every minute, and learned many new things as well.

Colin Gass – This has been a very exciting project where I have learned many new things. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and are proud that we won. Being involved has opened up so many new opportunities.

Cameron Gunn – I have enjoyed this adventure, I have thoroughly had fun. This project has made me reconsider my future.