Dalziel Rugby

Dalziel’s late arrival, St Andrew’s early departure and a general lack of numbers meant that this latest fixture was less useful than had been hoped.

Dalziel had 8 S2 players – this from a 14 man squad (prompting the question, where were the others?) – and having amalgamated with St Andrew’s 3 players, the combine side took on Coatbridge who had players a-plenty.

The opening period suggested that this would be an open, fluid match with both sides keen to play a running game. Indeed there was no stoppage of any description until 5 minutes of the match had elapsed.

The opening score was deserved, this from Dalziel, and while C’bridge maintained a challenge no one could have foretold the difference this score would make, the combine side running in another 6 tries although all those who were present did play some decent rugby. St Andrew’s departed with just a half a match played, the remaining players split into two even sides to allow for another spell of play.

At S1 level, Dalziel’s 7 available players played their part in a competitive game against Coatbridge. Again Dalziel edged out the visitors with a narrow win.

The intention must always be to get a full 13- a-side match played but with numbers low this is always likely to be difficult. In years gone by there was always a good number of players available although as often as not teams were S1/2 combine sides. The school needs the ‘fringe’ players to make a greater commitment and to make themselves available for play. There is no doubting the potential in the boys but all need to pull their weight.

The next round of NLC Active Schools is just around the corner and as this is a 7’s competition, Dalziel should be able to compete on level terms numerically.