Hallowe'en Dance 2017

The Hallowe'en Dance took place on 30th of October, and was an eagerly anticipated, fun-filled evening.

Barclay house were responsible for the decorations, and without a doubt created an eerie atmosphere with creepy crawlies placed around the school and skeletons dangling from the walls. Everybody was immediately keen to begin the night.

With a huge turnout, there was an outstanding variety of costumes, ranging from superheroes, to group costumes including the Spice Girls and Toy Soldiers, and to an inventive and unique pizza costume. Everybody showed off their costumes in a parade, and the winners were announced afterwards. The Mad Hatter (Hollie Bowes, S6), Cruella Deville (Saffa Sabri, S5) and the group costume, Zelda (Katy Ellis, S5) and Link (Nathan Hamilton, S5), were all winners, due to their terrific appearance and exceptional effort that they put into their outfits. The ceilidh dancing started soon afterwards, and involved long time favourites, including Dalziel’s own, Hinky Dinky.

Greig house were in charge of feeding the hoard of hungry teenagers later in the evening, and provided much loved party fuel and of course, a lot of cake.

Colville house took control once the feast was over, and provided games and entertainment. This included three races, one involving eating donuts, but without any hands! Pupils pulled hilarious faces and body positions as they awkwardly rotated themselves around the dangling treats. Of course, Halloween wouldn’t be itself without winding toilet paper round a pupil in the race to mummify them the fastest. Needless to say, the team with the smallest member won!

Some more ceilidh dancing later, the night unfortunately came to an end. Everyone was exhausted after an amazing evening of dancing, entertainment, and of course, food. The fifth years will hopefully be impatient to come back next year for another unforgettable night. I cannot thank the many people who helped organise the evening enough, including the parents that helped with food, the janitors, the band, teachers, and of course the House Officials that dedicated huge amounts of effort into ensuring that it would be an enjoyable evening.

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