Dalziel Volleyball

The Friday volleyball club has been strong again this session and the school entered teams in the Mark McGivern Festival which was held in Ravenscraig on 27th Oct.

There were almost double the number of teams in attendance this year, with the west coast providing the most schools. Dalziel had two senior boys teams, these made up of S6 pupils as the current S5 have been a little reluctant to become involved.

Games were played in the morning to assess standards and then teams were ‘streamed’ to allow them to play against other teams of similar ability. While the Dalziel boys have been playing for some time there was genuine yet delighted surprise in the fact that the ‘A’ team were unbeaten in the morning round of games, defeating Belmont House, Woodfarm, East Bank, Greenfaulds (the only other NLC school) and Girvan B. All games were very close and required a deal of concentration in terms of approach.

The ‘B’ team meanwhile fared less well, playing 5 games and losing them all. There was again very little to split some of the teams however with none of the games lost by more than 6 points. Having qualified for the top section the ‘A’ team then played 4 more matches in the afternoon. Incredibly no fewer than 3 of these ended in 13-13 draws, Dalziel ahead by a point when the whistle blew for the end of the match. In timed matches the point is always played out (I’ve started, so I’ll finish) and on each occasion their opponents managed to scramble the ball back to win the decisive point! Frustrating in the extreme!

For the record Dalziel finished in 4th place from 5 in the afternoon section (from 16 teams at the start). The Festival was won by Belmont Academy, Kyle were second and Woodfarm third. Dalziel managed draws against the second and third placed teams while Belmont Acad were the only team to beat them all day.

In the 3rd group Dalziel ‘B’ had a great afternoon playing 4 matches and winning 3, their only defeat also to Belmont Acad who are clearly a top performing volleyball school.

There was considerable satisfaction from all involved, the Festival providing a great experience of volleyball at a reasonable level. As players were also required to officiate all had to take additional responsibility during the day.

Well done boys!
The Girls are also taking part, their Festival on Friday 3rd Nov.