Dalziel Rugby

Dalziel High travelled to Coatbridge for the first round of the NLC Active Schools 7’s rugby.

The school entered 3 sides, one each at S1and S2 Boys and for the first time ever a girls ‘side’ albeit there wasn’t quite a full team but 5 keen, though nervous individuals.

The girls matched up with girls from Chryston to take on the Coatbridge High team in two matches, both of which the Dalziel/Chryston side won. The girls all contributed well with all bar one ending up on the scoresheet. Congratulations to the famous five of Maia and Keira MacDonald, Amber Steel, Emily O’Hare and Marjan Qannati.

At S1 level the boys stood up well in all their matches, managing to remain undefeated with a 2-2 draw their last result. This was the boys second outing and there is undoubted potential within the group. With just 6 available on the day there is definitely room for new recruits. Training continues after the October break on Tuesdays after school (4-5pm) and there is absolutely no need for previous experience. It was a similar story at S2 where the Dalziel side recorded good wins against their opponents. This group showed great promise last session and there are two newcomers who are fitting in well. There is still room however for more players and another call goes out to those who played last session but who have yet to return.

Unfortunately the weather which for most of the afternoon had been great turned a tad sour with sheets of rain sweeping across the pitch and initiating a charge for shelter. Matches still to be played were abandoned as players, coaches and officials were roundly drenched!

The official results have not yet been sent to the school but these will be posted when they are received.