Christmas Dances

The S1 to S3 Christmas dances took place in the school last week. The events were very successful as always, with our pupils becoming fully involved in traditional Scottish dancing including the Dalziel specialty "The Hinkey Dinkey".

Girls Basketball

The new look Dalziel High School side played their first game of the season on Thursday 19th of November. After some hard training by coach Diane Currie, there was a lot of anticipation before the game. Sadly it wasn't to be a dream start as the Dalziel Girls were defeated by 78 points to 35.

Rugby at Murrayfield

A small contingent of rugby players from Dalziel travelled to Murrayfield on Saturday 21st November for the international between Scotland and Australia. Despite the cold weather and the rain, the boys were on fine form, and returned home with croaky voices from all of the singing and chanting.

Public Speaking

The annual Public Speaking competition took place in the school last week. The event is always a great success and this year's competition lived up to all expectations. A large crowd turned up to watch the event and enjoyed the evening from start to finish.

Staff vs Pupils Football

Dalziel Park played host to the annual staff versus senior pupils football game last week. The first half started fairly even until Deane Brown scored the first goal followed by David Watson for a second, ending the first half 0-2 to the pupils.

Science Activities

The school was host to two exciting science activities this week; MadLab and Lab in a Lorry.

MadLab is a practical based activity which looks to introduce pupils to the world of electronics through building and soldering of fun circuits which the pupils can take away with them.

Senior Interhouse Quiz

The Senior Interhouse Quiz took place on the afternoon of Friday 9th October and was watched by a large audience of fifth and sixth years. After some fierce competition between the houses over many challenging rounds, Barclay emerged victorious with a total of 136 points.

2010 Exam Timetable

The 2010 NQ Examination Timetable has now been published and is available to view online on the SQA Website. Both the PDF and Microsoft Excel files are available and list the examinations both by date and Course order.

Senior Officials (2009-2010)

The elections for the Senior Officials are now completed and the pupils are fulfilling their important duties in the school. Votes from both staff and pupils were combined, and the following pupils were elected over the past few weeks.