STEM - S3 - Talent 2030 - National Engineering Competition for Girls

Talent 2030’s National Engineering Competition for Girls is a FREE competition that offers girls the chance to win £500 for themselves and £500 for their school.

What they have to do:

  • Identify some of the challenges of the 21st Century
  • Pick one, or a few, to brainstorm and research in more detail
  • Decide what you are going do about the challenge(s) you have chosen. This could be: Explaining what engineers are already doing and/or are going to do or Creating or explaining your ideas for your own solutions
  • Review what you found or evaluate what has been done.
  • Present your conclusions or final solution. It’s up to you what format you do this in. Some examples include a video, website, report or poster. (If you have made something that can’t be uploaded, please include photographs or videos of it).

Dalziel High School intend to pilot this completion in academic year 2016/17