STEM - Primary Years - P7 Science & Technology Fayre

Since 2008 Dalziel High School have been running a Science & Technology Fayre.
The Fayre has been set up so that pupils research areas of science and technology which they find of interest to them, build a model/devise an experiment to demonstrate the science involved and finally, through multimedia applications display and present to the public and to external judges.

The Fayre has many aims. We plan:

  • to get pupils enthused about science and technology.
  • to allow pupils with barriers to learning, to access science.
  • to give pupils the chance to be creative in their out look to science
  • to encourage citizenship and the ability to work in groups
  • to enhance their ICT capabilities by using music, video and photograph to capture their work
  • to encourage pupils to be enterprising and make links with industry and employers.
  • to develop pupils’ presentation skills and confidence

The Science & Technology Fayre has all S1 pupils (180) working together in groups of 4 on a project. We also have the P7 pupils from our associated primaries taking part.

The Fayre is launched in January each year and the pupils establish a project that they will work on. This is done outside of class during lunchtimes, breaks and at home. All groups have a Science teacher appointed as a mentor to help the group with any advice / guidance required.

15 final groups are chosen from approximately 52 groups in April of each year. These 15 groups will present their projects at the final in June of each year in a 2 day event that celebrates their STEM projects. All S1 pupils work is displayed (even if they did not reach the final). The event is judged by engineers, scientist and people from Industry. The Science & Technology Fayre is externally funded by a variety of companies.

Leading companies in Scotland provide their support with visits, and talks with the pupils in helping them with their projects.

The learning community, parents / guardians and relatives of the pupils can attend the open evening of the Fayre so that they can look at the pupils work.

The Science teachers from Dalziel High School also visit our associated Primary schools to talk with the P7 pupils and help them with their Science Fayre projects. The winning groups from each primary school take part in the final in June of each year to compete for the Primary prize.

Information about the Dalziel Science & Technology Fayre has previously been listed in the news on the Science So What web-site (May 2009) and the Learning & Teaching Scotland web-site (June 2009) as areas of good practice.