Why Study Physics ?

Physics is at the heart of everything and is a highly rewarding discipline to study at school, university and beyond. Above all physics opens doors to a wide variety of careers. That is a bold statement, perhaps, but one that can be justified.

Physics explores questions like how did the universe begin? How will it end? What is a black hole? Is time travel possible? If you have an enquiring mind, always asking why things happen, then physics will help you find the answers. It forms the basis of most modern technologies and holds the future to global well being.

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The career opportunities available are as vast as the subject itself due, in part, to the transferable skills gained whilst studying physics. It is these transferable skills that make the difference between an employee who is merely satisfactory and one who will significantly improve the performance of the organisation concerned.
Employers see a Physics qualification as an indication of someone who will immediately be an asset to the organisation. This is because physics requires the following attributes:

  • A logical and numerate mind
  • The ability to solve problems
  • Communication skills, developed through report-writing and presentations
  • Computing and practical skills
  • Teamwork and flexibility (essential for lab work and projects)