Why Study Biology ?

Biology tells us about the natural world around us which we are all part of. It can also tell us about the physical makeup of our bodies which enables us to produce cures and treatments for many diseases.

There are a variety of careers available with a biology background. These include:

  • Forensic Science: helping the police with crime investigation.
  • Healthcare: working in the hospital laboratories.
  • Research: the development of new drugs and treatments for diseases.
  • Environmental Management and Conservation: Park rangers and zoo keepers.
  • Biotechnology: Production of alternative fuel sources and medicines.
  • Polictics and Policy statements: Science advisors to government and businesses.
  • Scientific Journalists: To write reports on the new scientific developments.
  • Genetic counsellors: to council patients on genetic disorders which run in families.
  • Art work: to provide illustrations for biological textbooks.

"The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas, and throw the bad ones away"

Dr. Linus Pauling