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Organisation of Pupil Support
The school's Pupil Support Structure is a vertical one. In this system pupils remain under the pastoral care of the same member of the Pupil Support Team for their entire school career.
Essentially, every pupil is allocated to a specific member of the Pupil Support Team - which is done while the pupils are still in primary seven - and stay with them to S5/6.
The allocation is based on the House system in the school and pupils are assigned to staff according (approximately) to the initial letter of their surname.

Pupil Support Provision
The Pupil Support system is organised on a house basis: Barclay, Colville and Greig.
Each house team consists of one Principal Teacher and a team of Pupil Support tutors. Each extended Pupil Support team is responsible for the pastoral, vocational and curricular care of the pupils in their group.
The Depute with overall responsibility for Pupil Support is Miss Jaclyn Lennon. This system ensures that each child is known personally and in some depth by at least one member of staff.

Parents and Guardians are very welcome to contact us if they have any concerns regarding their son/daughter.

Personal Support
The aim of Pupil Support in Dalziel High School is to ensure that we have happy, contented pupils from S1 to S6 who are fully realising their academic and personal potential. Our Pupil Support department ensures pupils receive their entitlement to personal support as laid out in the Curriculum for Excellence.

“Every child and young person is entitled to personal support to enable them to gain as much as possible from the opportunities which Curriculum for Excellence can Provide.”

Pupil Support Calendar
The Pupil Support Calendar outlines when pupils will be interviewed and when target setting is carried out. Interviews and target setting will address the following areas:

  • Review of learning and planning of next steps
  • Gain access to learning activities which meet their needs
  • Plan for opportunities for personal achievement
  • Preparing for changes and choices and support changes and choices

Approach to Pupil Support
Formal contact is achieved through a once a week Personal Health and Social Education Period with Pupil Support Staff. As outlined in the Pupil Support Calendar there are regular individual interviews between pupils and Pupil Support Staff and Subject Teachers on the development of pupils. On concern being expressed by a parent or teacher on any matter, Pupil Support Staff investigate, report back and, if necessary, initiate action internally or through external agencies.

PHSE Programme
The PHSE programme is delivered to promote and support Health and Well Being in all areas of pupils life’s.
The course is designed to ensure that pupils develop the knowledge and understanding , skills, capabilities and attributes which they need for mental, emotional, social and physical well being and to make a successful move to the next stage of education or work.

Option Choices
Towards the end of first year, parents will be asked to decide which subjects they wish their child to study for the next two years.
Pupil Support staff are responsible for advising parents on the choices available and, through general meetings and contact with individual parents, will seek to provide a course of study which is balanced in content, neither over nor under-demanding and which matches the pupil's career aspirations.
Advice on courses of study for those entering S4 or returning to 5th or 6th year, is also freely available as is an extensive careers library - which is continually being updated.
In addition, Dalziel has forged very strong links with the Careers Service and both parents and pupils will be given many opportunities to receive advice and guidance by Careers Officers.

Working in Partnership
Our Pupil Support Department are committed to working in partnership and value the input from Parents, pupils, colleagues and the wider support team such as, Home Partnership Officer, Learning/Behaviour Support, Youth Councillor, Careers Advisor, Education Psychologist, Social Work and experts within the local community to ensure our pupils are getting fully supported.

Parents and Guardians are very welcome to contact us if they have any concerns regarding their son/daughter.

Principal Teacher of Barclay House: Mrs D. McCann
Principal Teacher of Colville House: Miss P. Owens
Principal Teacher of Greig House: Mrs C. Bleach

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