Physical Education

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These objectives relate directly to the aims of Dalziel High School, of the Physical Education Department in particular and are included to contribute towards the positive ethos which exists in Dalziel High School.

  1. Staff should, wherever possible, provide a wide variety of experiences and activities during P.E lessons and during a block of activity. Pupils should be encouraged to improve their practical ability in a range of activities.

  2. This is achieved through:
    • games, gymnastics, athletics and social dance
    • indoor and outdoor activities
    • individual, group and team activities
    • health-related exercise and fitness.

  3. Staff should refer to school, local, national and international events and perspectives to ensure the delivery of activities follows National Governing Body guidelines, Education Scotland and PEPAS initiatives

  4. Safety is enhanced through emphasis of the following:
    • the need to bring and wear appropriate clothing and equipment.
    • the potential dangers associated through participating when wearing jewellery.
    • how to lift, move, carry and place heavy objects and/or equipment (when appropriate).

  5. Lessons should be conducted in a secure, supportive and disciplined manner. Staff and pupils should interact in a manner that demonstrates mutual respect. Pupils will be made aware of, and learn, the rules, etiquette and codes of conduct of various activities.

  6. Pupils are encouraged to improve their practical ability and achieve all they can. Confidence and self-esteem can be positively encouraged as a result.

  7. Opportunities will exist at various times for group discussion of relevant issues. At these times opinions and views may be shared on a variety of issues including physical education, physical activity, sport and health and well-being.

  8. Opportunities will exist for individual and/or group activities so that pupils may offer opinion and suggestion and learn how to work co-operatively as well as independently.

Health and Well-being is an increasingly important aspect of life. The need for a positive attitude and the development of a disciplined approach to health and well-being is to be encouraged in P.E.
This will include aspects such as:

  • the importance of preparing properly before exercise and of a recovery period following exercise
  • understanding the term fitness and the practical implications of fitness training
  • the need to have a balanced diet
  • the need to have adequate rest/sleep