The Music Department is a friendly place where everybody is encouraged to be at their creative best.

Instrumentalists and vocalists of all interests can partake in a variety of courses and develop their skills further in one of the many groups and ensembles that rehearse each week.

Music Department Staff:

  • Mr C Bensalem - Principal Teacher
  • Ms N Irvine

The department has an extended team of tutors whose experience and instrumental skills benefit our pupils every day.

  • Mr M Bryans - Drumkit/Percussion Instructor (Friday)
  • Mr B Young - Guitar Instructor (Thursday)
  • Mr R McQueen - Brass Instructor (Wednesday)
  • Miss J Laird - Woodwind Instructor (Tuesday)
  • Mrs E Woods - Woodwind Instructor (Monday)
  • Mr R Cowan - Bagpipe Instructor (Friday)
  • Mr S Nelson - Snare Drum Instructor (Alternate Fridays)
  • Mr E Rooney - String Instructor (Monday)


Pupils should check the website for updates of forthcoming concerts and events.


S1-S3 CfE


National 4/5

Higher Music

Advanced Higher Music


S3 Pupils

In the event of school closure due to bad weather S3 pupils should complete the following tasks:
Practice both instruments for at least 15 minutes each day, preparing your 6 minute programme for the next assessment.
Revise concepts using the NQ music site. To access, click on the link below:
Education Scotland NQ Music

S4,5 & 6 Pupils

In the event of school closure due to bad weather Higher pupils should continue with the following tasks:
Ensure you continue to practice both instruments for at least 30 minutes each day.
1. Revise concepts using Learn Listening Online.
To access, click on the link below:
Learn Listening Online
2. Complete exam practice questions using "Music Listening Revision".
To access, click on the link below:
Music Listening Revision


Click on these links for information, or for help with your revision and study

Learn Listening Online
Audio examples of all musical concepts at SG, Intermediate and Higher levels. Tests and quizzes on various musical units and topics

Music Listening Revision
Excellent source of revision questions particularly for Intermediate, Higher and Advanced Higher levels

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
Home page of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Information on AB exams and advice for parents and young performers.

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
The latest news from Scotland’s conservatoire. Lists of concerts and performances from the best young and established musicians from all corners of the world.

Theory Revision Exercises
Primarily a site for brass players, this features some excellent theory revision exercises which can be attempted by all musicians.


Wider Achievement

You can view the Extra-Curricular Activities 2015-16 by clicking the link below:

  • Senior Choir
  • Junior Choir
  • Ceilidh Band
  • Wind Band
  • Swing Band
  • NLC Music Groups
  • Keyboard Club
  • Drumkit Club
  • Guitar Club
  • Theory Club