Mathematics Homework Policy

We recognise homework as having an important role in the academic achievement of our students. The amount and frequency of homework issued follows the school policy guidelines. The amount of homework issued will obviously vary for each year group, but approximate guidelines are given below:

  • S1 - 30 Minutes Per Week
  • S2 - 60 Minutes Per Week
  • S3 - 75 Minutes Per Week
  • S4 - 100 Minutes Per Week
  • S5/6 - 120 Minutes Per Week

Class teachers are expected to exercise their professional judgement when issuing homework. It is important to ensure that pupils are given sufficient homework to consolidate the work covered in class.


All pupils in S1/S2 should be issued with the appropriate level of homework booklet at the start of the session. As an exercise is completed in class, the corresponding homework exercise should be issued for the next maths lesson. Homework will mainly be from this booklet although other resources (board questions, worksheets) should be used if and when necessary. All homework should be signed by a parent/guardian.


All pupils in S3 should be issued with the appropriate level of homework booklet at the start of the session. In addition to daily homework, formal ink exercises should be completed after each topic. Pupils should be given a week to complete these and are encouraged to seek assistance when experiencing difficulties with particular questions. Blank spaces are unacceptable and pupils should be made aware of this. The reasons for issuing the ink exercises are as follows:

  • The problems are more involved, often exam-type questions and requiring problem solving skills.
  • The exercises are longer, revising the full chapter.

Pupils working at level three should be given regular, achievable homework. Pupils working at level four should be issued homework each evening from their homework booklet. Formal ink exercises should also be given after each topic.

S4 - S6

The majority of pupils will be working towards an external examination in May. The majority of our S4 cohort will be working towards National 5 and we present senior pupils at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.
All pupils should be given homework each day for the next day in class, particularly those in attempting Higher. In addition, formal ink exercises will be issued at the end of each chapter.
Advanced Higher pupils will be given homework in the same way.
All classes will be expected to complete exam-type questions, particularly in the run up to prelims and external exam.

Website resources

Additional study materials can be found at and Pupils can ask their class teachers for the passwords to these websites.

Pupils can now access the departments homework resources and exam study materials on Access codes are required to access the relevant yeargroup materials. Class teachers will provide these codes to their classes.