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Fashion & Textile Technology

Aims of the course

Why study Fashion & Textile Technology?

The Fashion & Textile Technology course is a highly practical subject which will allow you to show off your creativity. S3 begins with all the basics to build up confidence. You will then start to learn about various techniques which will allow you to create a variety of fashion and textiles items which you can then design yourself. We then look at decoration techniques (applique, embroidery, tie-dyeing, quilting, patchwork etc.). You will complete market research, create design boards and then will be given the experience of going to a fabric store to purchase the fabric of your choosing and create your items. Items you can expect to make in S3 are pencil cases/make up bags, detailed cushions, skater skirts, shorts, pyjamas etc. and in S4 you can choose your own items to make. Pupils who take Fashion & Textiles are invited to work as part of the costume team for The School Show which is an amazing experience for your CV.

Course Content

The course is made up of 3 units and the knowledge gained in each of these will prepare you for your final assessments. Fashion and Textile Technology develops your knowledge and understanding of the fashion industry, as well as providing you with the relevant skills required for working in the industry. The course enables you to develop an understanding of textile properties, characteristics and technologies, item development, fashion/textile trends and factors that affect fashion choice and trends in society. This course particularly emphasises the development of practical skills and construction techniques to make detailed fashion/textile items, to an appropriate standard of quality.


National 4

  • Pupils will complete assessments for each of the 3 units.
  • You will complete an Added Value Unit where you will research, design, plan and manufacture a fashion or textile item of your choice to meet a design brief given by the SQA.

National 5

  • Pupils will complete a written exam to test their knowledge of fabrics, processes and techniques.
  • You will complete the Practical Assignment where you will research, design, plan and manufacture a fashion or textile item of your choice to meet a design brief given by the SQA.


  • Course Level National 4 – Progress to National 5
  • Course Level National 5 – Progress to Higher

Career Opportunities

  • Fashion design/tailoring/dressmaking
  • Retail Assistant/Management
  • Fashion Buying/Merchandising/Visual Merchandising
  • Marketing/Public Relations/Branding
  • Modelling
  • Journalism/Blogging/Photography
  • Creative industries/Costume Making/Costume & Fashion Adviser
  • Links to make up artistry/hair dressing
  • Teaching