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Hospitality: Practical Cake Craft

Aims of the course

Why study Cake Craft?

Scotland's food and drink sector has an annual turnover of £13.5bn which is a huge industry – particularly here in the central belt. By taking this course, you will acquire a range of knowledge and skills which will be of considerable value to you in this hugely important employment sector. This course is designed for those who are interested in cake making and baking in particular, and will cover a wide range of baked items as well as extensive finishing and decorating skills.
Course Content and Assessment

  • acquire knowledge and understanding of methods of cake production
  • develop knowledge and understanding of functional properties of ingredients used in cake production
  • develop technical skills in cake baking
  • develop technical and creative skills in cake finishing
  • follow safe and hygienic working practices
  • develop their knowledge and understanding of cake design and follow trends in cake production
  • acquire and use organisational skills in the context of managing time and resources

National 5 Course Assessment

  • The first stage is a planning exercise where you will plan your final cake. This project will be marked by the SQA.
  • The main assessment is the practical activity which is to prepare a celebration cake which meets a specific set of criteria set by SQA.
  • The final part is the question paper. This will assess your knowledge of ingredients, cooking methods/processes and the wider topics covered in their units.


Progress to N5 Hospitality: Practical Cookery or N5/Higher Health & Food Technology.

Career Opportunities

  • Self-employment
  • Chef & Various roles within the Hospitality industry
  • Food Technologist or Product Development