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Hospitality: Practical Cookery

Aims of the course

Why study Hospitality?

Scotland's food and drink sector has an annual turnover of £13.5bn which is a huge industry – particularly here in the central belt. By taking this course, you will acquire a range of knowledge and skills which will be of considerable value to you throughout life but can also involve you in this hugely important employment sector. This course is designed for those who are interested in cooking and who enjoy being creative with food. You may wish to use the skills gained here to entertain or feed your family at home, start your own business, help in the wider community or, ultimately, in employment in the Hospitality industry.

Course Content and Assessment

Unit 1. Cookery Skills, Techniques and Processes.

You will develop an understanding of various food preparation techniques – including the use of various pieces of equipment, professional knife skills and to produce a variety of dishes to a restaurant standard. You will learn the importance of completing all tasks hygienically and safely.

Unit 2. Understanding and Using Ingredients.

You will develop knowledge and understanding of ingredients and their uses. We will also look at the importance of sustainability, the responsible sourcing of ingredients and the impact of food choices on health and wellbeing and the environment. This information will help when choosing dishes you want to prepare for specific scenarios.

Unit 3. Organisational Skills for Cooking.

You will use creativity, careful planning, and organisational skills - such as time planning and management - to produce dishes and meals for different occasions. They will evaluate and look at ways they can improve their cooking.

National 5 Course Assessment

    • The first stage is a planning exercise under exam conditions where you will plan your practical exam by completing a time and service plan.

The main assessment is the practical activity which is to prepare a 3 course meal for 4 people. The recipes are set by the SQA and the exam lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes.

  • The final part is the question paper. This will assess pupils’ knowledge of ingredients, cooking methods/processes and the wider topics covered in their units.

National 4 Course Assessment

  • You will complete unit assessments for each of the three units which will demonstrate your knowledge and also your practical skills.
  • There is also a practical activity called an Added Value Unit. You will have to follow a time plan to prepare, cook and serve a 2 course meal. This activity lasts 1 hour 30 minutes.


National 4 – Progress to National 5

National 5 – Progress to N5 Hospitality: Practical Cake Craft, N5/Higher Health & Food Technology.

Career Opportunities


  • Chef
  • Various roles within the Hospitality industry
  • Food Technologist
  • Product Development
  • Teaching – all teachers are responsible for Health & Wellbeing across the curriculum and Health & Food courses are highly valuable.