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BGE Home Economics

S1,S2 & S3

This course provides a BGE and covers outcomes from curriculum for excellence.

Pupils spend a double period per week in S1 and S2 and 3 single periods in S3 in the department. Time is spent studying design, food and textiles during the BGE course.

Pupils are encouraged to think about and learn the implications of healthy eating. Theoretical and practical lessons are designed to develop a range of skills and confidence.

As part of the Design and Make course, pupils undertake activities such as Investigative Project Work, providing opportunities to demonstrate Creative Ideas and Processes. Basic practical skills and safe working practises are learnt through whole class activities providing opportunities for the students to have a better understanding of the commercial and manufacturing aspects of the subjects.

This course equips the pupils with the necessary skills to allow progression into either a National level 4/5  in Health and Food Technology or a National 4/5 in Hospitality- Practical Cookery.