Home Economics

Welcome to the Design Food and Textile Technology Department

Teaching Staff

  • Catherine Muir (PT Subject)
  • Susan McMurdie (Pupil Support Tutor Greig)
  • Mary McCrae

Aims of the Department

  • To structure lessons that encourage and stimulate the development of individual ideas, and to further develop students' knowledge, understanding and communication skills.
  • To allow all students the opportunity to develop a wide range of necessary and useful skills, that will enable them to design and make high quality products, and more importantly to prepare them for life out of school.
  • To fully encourage the students to gain more confidence in their own abilities whilst also experiencing a range of interesting and creative activities.
  • To promote a very positive image of the subject in order to develop a professional regard for Design, Food Technology and Textile Technology as part of the general school curriculum, and not regard them merely as leisure or hobby pursuits.

BGE Home Economics

S1,S2 & S3

This course provides a BGE and covers outcomes from curriculum for excellence.

Pupils spend a double period per week in S1 and S2 and 3 single periods in S3 in the department. Time is spent studying design, food and textiles during the BGE course.

Pupils are encouraged to think about and learn the implications of healthy eating. Theoretical and practical lessons are designed to develop a range of skills and confidence.

As part of the Design and Make course, pupils undertake activities such as Investigative Project Work, providing opportunities to demonstrate Creative Ideas and Processes. Basic practical skills and safe working practises are learnt through whole class activities providing opportunities for the students to have a better understanding of the commercial and manufacturing aspects of the subjects.

This course equips the pupils with the necessary skills to allow progression into either a National level 4/5  in Health and Food Technology or a National 4/5 in Hospitality- Practical Cookery. 

National 4/5

National 4/5 Health and Food Technology

This course allows pupils to develop a knowledge of Nutrition and Health, Recognising Differing Needs of Individual Groups. Personal Safety and Consumer Issues are other topics studied. The development of practical skills in both foods and textiles is an integral part of this course.

National 4/5 Hospitality - Practical Cookery

Hospitality: Practical Cookery course offers the ability to develop a range of cookery skills and processes, as well as food preparation techniques. Planning and producing meals and presenting them appropriately, pupils develop an understanding of ingredients from a variety of different sources, as well as of their uses and responsible sourcing and sustainability.

Pupils also learn of the impact of the choice of ingredients on health and wellbeing. This course allows pupils to understand the implications of food safety regulations involved in the hospitality and food industry

S5/S6 Courses

A variety of courses are offered in upper school to meet pupil needs.

Higher Health and Food Technology Health and food technology is a practical based course. The course addresses contemporary issues affecting food and nutrition, including ethical and moral considerations, sustainability of sources, food production and development, and their effects on consumer choices. Learners analyse the relationships between health, food and nutrition, and plan, make and evaluate food products to a range of dietary and lifestyle needs.

Practical Cake Craft National 5 - [1 year course]
Practical cake craft is a predominately practical course that links to the growth industry of artisan bakery and confectionary. The course focuses on the development of practical, technical and creative skills in cake baking and cake finishing. It will enable the ability to develop an understanding of the scientific nature of cake production, how to adapt basic recipes and create new flavour combinations, as well as develop and demonstrate highly imaginative techniques in the design and production of a range of baked items.

We offer vocational courses to meet the needs of all pupils:-Practical cookery

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