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S5/S6 Courses

A variety of courses are offered in upper school to meet pupil needs.

Higher Health and Food Technology Health and food technology is a practical based course. The course addresses contemporary issues affecting food and nutrition, including ethical and moral considerations, sustainability of sources, food production and development, and their effects on consumer choices. Learners analyse the relationships between health, food and nutrition, and plan, make and evaluate food products to a range of dietary and lifestyle needs.

Practical Cake Craft National 5 - [1 year course]
Practical cake craft is a predominately practical course that links to the growth industry of artisan bakery and confectionary. The course focuses on the development of practical, technical and creative skills in cake baking and cake finishing. It will enable the ability to develop an understanding of the scientific nature of cake production, how to adapt basic recipes and create new flavour combinations, as well as develop and demonstrate highly imaginative techniques in the design and production of a range of baked items.

We offer vocational courses to meet the needs of all pupils:-Practical cookery