Hearing Impaired - Pupil Comments

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Pupil Comments

Our pupils’ voices are central to our department’s ethos. As part of our learning community we seek to give all our pupils a voice so that they are involved in the decisions that affect their wellbeing.

“Group discussions are really good because we expand our thinking and ideas.”

“I find it useful going over class work and it helps me when I’ve missed work. I can go over it in HID.”

“I like the small groups, easy to ask questions and it’s quiet.”

“We get help with team work.”

“Help reading book. I feel happy to work writing in my jotter.”

“I work so well in HID because I learn more new things.”

“It’s fun! Narrative Stance Dance video or pictures.”

“HID has helped me become more responsible for myself.”

“The help I received in HID helped me pass my Higher English.”

“Getting support helped me with the Maths course.”

“Being able to revise and discuss things I have learned in class helped me to really understand the themes and ideas.”