Hearing Impaired - Achievements

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Our pupils have a wide range of achievements including:

  • Murning Trophy Award for Discus, Javelin, Shot Put
  • Senior Sports Champion
  • William Lyall Memorial Prize for Physics
  • Morgan Stanley Employability Award
  • Mental Health Ambassador
  • vital role as an Anti-Bullying Representative
  • NDCS Young Campaigners for BSL National Plan and Deaf Awareness
  • a wonderful pianist and performing at our Parent/Social Evening
  • designed an earphone holder for cochlear implant using a 3D Printer
  • Lisa Richardson Award at the Annual Prizegiving for overcoming obstacles and achieving success
  • awarded a yellow belt in karate
  • taken part in national BMX and athletics competitions
  • Endeavour Award for exceptional contribution in Hospitality
  • Achieving a Grade 5 on piano and performing at the Parents’ Social Evening
  • In the West District Championships achieved a 1st in shot put, 2nd in javelin and 2nd in discus