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S1 Geography

S1 Geography: One 10 week block
An Introduction to Geography

  • What is Geography?
  • World Map work
  • Scottish Map work
  • Scotland’s Features

Earth’s Climate

  • Introduction to climate
  • Climate Graphs
  • Weather and Climate in Scotland
  • Extreme weather in the UK
  • Equatorial Rainforests
  • The Tundra
  • Hot Deserts
  • Adapting to life in the desert
  • Why is our climate changing?
  • Impacts of Climate change
  • What can we do to slow down climate change?

Scotland’s Environment

  • Introducing Coasts
  • Coastal Erosion Features
  • Weather and Climate
  • Rainy Scotland
  • The Highland Midge
  • Sink Holes – Key Features, Effects
  • Energy in Scotland- The Big Issue/ Coal
  • Renewable Energy - Windfarms

In the classroom
The focus is very much on active learning. Pupils will follow the course through a comprehensive set of PowerPoints with a wide variety of active tasks. Tasks include the use of priority pyramids, card sorts, pictures, maps, card diamonds, library research visit, short video clips and written answers. Pupils are given a Skills and Homework booklet, outlining how to structure answers and possible homework questions for teachers to set as appropriate. Pupils are also given a Learning Log which outlines success criteria for specific assessed pieces and gives pupils a chance to evaluate their learning and set targets for the future.

World of work
Pupils will learn literacy and numeracy skills. They will learn how to prioritise information and present logical arguments. They will be encouraged to think critically and question evidence. Jobs where Geography would be useful include: Tourism, Geology, Renewable Energy, Coastal Management, Meteorology, Exploration, Research, Humanitarian Work, City Planning and Environmental Protection.