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Hgher Administration & IT

The course has two areas of study: Administration Theory & Practice and IT Applications

Administration Theory in Practice

  • Role of Administrative Assistant
  • Strategies for effective time and task management, and their importance
  • Characteristics and the importance of effective teams
  • Knowledge of workplace legislation and strategies for ensuring compliance
  • Impact of digital technology on the layout, working practices, communication methods, data handling and file management of an organisation
  • Features of good customer care, mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the quality of customer care, benefits of good and consequences of poor customer care
  • Procedures for organising and supporting a range of meetings and events
  • Appropriate methods of communication and research

IT Applications

  • Word Processing - Creating and editing a wide range of business documents
  • Spreadsheets - Formatting and editing complex spreadsheets to process data, problem solve and present information
  • Relational Databases - Working with relational databases to find and present information
  • Presentations - Working with existing presentations to create a final document
  • Electronic Communication - Using digital technology to communicate information in ways appropriate to its context, audience and purpose


  • Assignment - 70 marks (Duration - 2 hours)
  • Exam Paper - 50 marks (Duration - 1 hour 30 minutes)

Regular homework excercises will be set, based on the theory part of the course.