Business Education

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There are four teachers in the Business Education and ICT Awareness department. These are:

  • Mr D Park (Faculty Head)
  • Mrs C MacPhee
  • Mrs L Kerr
  • Mrs C Flanagan
  • Mrs J Martin
  • Miss L Wright

Mission Statement and Aims of the Business Education & ICT Department
To provide a motivating and stimulating environment in which to educate pupils to a high standard and to enable them to reach their full potential in the areas of:

  • Business Management
  • Accounts
  • Admin & IT
  • S1-S2 ICT 

This will offer pupils practical real life relevance within a Business environment.


Aims for Business Education and ICT 

  • To enable pupils to have real life experiences as to how Business organisations work, develop and plan for the future.
  • Encourage pupils to evaluate alternative approaches and practices business can consider.
  • Develop business, financial, administrative and ICT analyse in pupils through problem solving activities, which involve a range of contexts, up to date business examples, materials and methodology and lead to high quality practical portfolio results and investigations.
  • To encourage pupils to achieve high standards of quality through feedback of all their work.
  • Give pupils the opportunity to develop practical skills and the confidence in information technology, delivering presentations, business enterprise.
  • Give pupils the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and deliver their evidence in a variety of outcome methods.
  • Encourage pupils' planning, organisational, critical and analytical abilities, enabling them to make relevant evaluations.
  • Provide pupils with opportunities to work effectively both as individuals and as part of a team developing their self-confidence, prioritisation and team building skills.
  • Enable pupils to make sensible, appropriate and challenging choices as informed consumers.
  • To help pupils understand that business organisations have moral, cultural as well social dimensions.