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Senior Phase

Senior Phase National Qualification Courses in Art and Design are delivered in S4-S6 with all pupils covering three elements: Design, Expressive and associated Critical Activity. In the senior phase, pupils can study National 4, National 5 and Higher Art & Design, with pupils in S6 having the opportunity to study Advanced Higher Art and Design. Higher Photography is offered to both S5 & S6.

What skills will my child develop in Art and Design National Qualification courses?

  • a greater knowledge, understanding and ability to critically analyse artists and designers as creative practitioners
  • a deeper understanding of external factors influencing artists and designers
  • experimenting with a variety of art and design materials to refine ideas
  • practical skills in using materials, techniques and/or technology
  • producing analytical drawings and investigative studies
  • creativity and imaginative expression
  • critical appreciation of aesthetic and cultural values, identities and ideas
  • planning, producing and presenting creative art and design work
  • investigating and analysing how artists/designers use materials/techniques
  • applying this knowledge to his/her own creative practice
  • problem-solving and critical analysis to find solutions to design briefs
  • confidence in creative practice and in creative self-expression