Art & Design

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Course Overview

The Art and Design department in Dalziel High School provides a learning environment which takes into consideration each pupil’s needs and abilities, whilst having high expectations of all. The curriculum is designed to offer challenge, progression, relevance and articulation. Our specific aims are in line with ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’. They are:

  • To develop pupils’ confidence to experiment with a range of media and technologies to create images and objects
  • To ensure all pupils can use the visual elements and concepts to convey ideas, thoughts and feelings in expressive and design work
  • To improve pupils’ skills in observing and recording, in order to create material that shows accuracy of representation
  • To encourage pupils to choose personal themes and develop their own ideas from a range of stimuli
  • To allow pupils to express and communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings through 2D and 3D work
  • To develop pupils’ skills in using the design process in response to a design brief, to develop and communicate imaginative and original design solutions
  • To promote the analysis of art and design techniques, processes and concepts,
  • To encourage pupils to make informed judgements and express considered opinions on their own and others’ work.
  • To promote and encourage cross-curricular links where possible 
  • To promote a variety of effective learning and teaching strategies, including co-operative learning to foster tolerance and co-operation with others
  • To prepare our pupils for the future through skills for learning, life and work and advise on subject choice and career paths