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Welcome to the Work, Enterprise and Vocational Education Department.

At Dalziel High School, we aim to:

  • Develop enterprising attitudes and skills through learning and teaching across the whole curriculum.
  • Participate fully in enterprise activities, including those which are explicitly entrepreneurial in nature, and in which success is he result of 'hands-on' participation.
  • Experience and develop understanding of the world of work in all its diversity, including entrepreneurial activity and self employment.
  • Enjoy appropriately focused career education.

We have lots of activities where the pupils can experience "Enterprise", such as:

  • DLathon
  • S1/2/3 Enterprise Events
  • Young Enterprise Activities
  • Summer Fayre
  • Christmas Parcels
  • Junior School Show
  • Work Experience
  • Mock Interviews
  • Outward Bound
  • Core Skills Working With Others Intermediate 1 or 2 through Work Experience
  • Maths Challenges

S5/6 Activities include:

  • Choral Shield
  • Exposure to Careers Guidance through Careers Scotland Advisor
  • Business Awareness Day
  • Young Achievers
  • Working with Others Higher through Buddying or House Official
  • Christmas Parcels Initative
  • Charity Events
  • Fir Park Christmas Party
  • Talent Show

At Dalziel, we are always looking for opportunities for our pupils to experience vocational or work experience. If you think you can help, please email Mr McCallum at gmccallum@dalziel.n-lanark.sch.uk.