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As you may know, Dalziel has its very own ANTI-BULLYING campaign. We called the campaign DSUTB which stands for Dalziel Stands Up To Bullying.

We made the slogan “Record it, report it, don’t support it”. We think this is one of Dalziel’s biggest chances of stopping all bullying. We are dedicated to making Dalziel a positive and friendly environment where pupils can learn and achieve their full potential.

Over 30 pupils work hard behind the scenes to put together a campaign and lots of fun events. So far we have had the Kindness Week, pupil assemblies and Parent Association presentations with lots more to come!

Contact us at: DSUTB@dalziel.n-lanark.sch.uk

Group Members:
Michael Bolat, Aaron Davies, Finn Lavery, Carys Ferguson, Alice Smith, Ellie Magee, Josh Tobin, Scott Reid and Colin Gass.